Section: New Results


This year we obtained new results in our three sub-objectives and also related to Focuslab platform and software valorization.:

  1. Sub-objective 1 - Mining for Knowledge Discovery in Information Systems: this we get five results (with one achieved PhD thesis).

    Let us note that six past works on this sub-objective described in previous AxIS annual reports have been published this year as articles in international journals ([22] ,[11] ) or conferences, one in a national journal [50] , two in a french-speaking conference [35] , [46] , one book [20] and one book chapter [52] at international level. Indeed

    • The work in 2009 on mining data streams by Marascu in her thesis [96] has been published in [11] with more details in the algorithms and in the experiments.

    • The work published in 2008 on discovering frequent behaviors [107] has been published in [22] with more details in the algorithms and in the experiments.

    • An article based on Charrad'thesis (2010) related to bipartitioning methods applied on Web site analysis (2010) has been published this year [20] as well as her thesis as a book [50] .

    • Our previous work on satellite image mining in 2010 [99] has been published in French at EGC [35] .

    • Our past work on Functional data analysis involving data described by regular functions rather than by a finite number of real valued variables has been published as a scientific book chapter [52] . In this paper we propose to use a clustering approach that targets variables rather than individual to design a piecewise constant representation of a set of functions. The contiguity constraint induced by the functional nature of the variables allows a polynomial complexity algorithm to give the optimal solution.

    • In the context of the WRUM project (Morocco) and Zemmouri's PhD thesis, we have a long paper accepted at JFO 2011 related to past works (2010) on how to integrate domain knowledge in a multi-view KDD process [46] .

  2. Sub-objective 2 - Information and Social Networks Mining for Supporting Information Retrieval: Three results (with one achieved Ph-D thesis). Let us remind the best paper [15] obtained By E. Smirnova at ECIR 2011 for her research on expert finding.

  3. Sub-objective 3 - Multidisciplinary Research For Supporting User Oriented Innovation: this interdisciplinary research is dedicated to the design, tailoring and refinement of methodologies and tools for a better users' involvement in innovation processes. We have seven results this year..

Concerning our activity in terms of FocusLab Experimental Platform and Software, a) we first applied ATWUEDA on another context of evolutive data (on system monitoring data at EDF) which is different of Web usage data) to show the genericity of the approach [9] , and b)we develop a Web-based version of the FocusLab experimental platform for analysis usage data ( hardware and software parts).