Section: Overall Objectives


  1. A best paper at ECIR the major european conference on Information Retrieval and an article accepted [23] in Pattern Recognition journal (Elsevier).

  2. AxIS has contributed to the Future Internet Assembly book on Smart Cities and Future Internet: towards cooperation frameworks for Open innovation [39] .

  3. An important effort has been done this year to get datasets from real applications in order

    • to validate our methods in data mining: it was the case for our ATWUEDA method applied on electric power plant curves from EDF [51] ,.

    • to support our researches in expert finding with the important work of E. Smirnova in building experiment dataset based on the LinkedIn repositery (cf. her visit at Intelius, USA) and with the Yahoo! agreement which allows us to get a large sample of the web graph, important for our work on name disambiguation,

    • and to consolidate and support our multi-disciplinary approach in understanding usage data, user experience and co-creation (methodology and data mining) by the data generated from several projects involving experiments with citizen (cf. 8.1 ).

  4. SCDS method from Marascu's thesis (2009) has beeen implemented as a Web service inside the FocusLab platform and was used for ELLIOT purposes (cf. 5.2.3 ). ATWUEDA has been applied successfully for system monitoring purposes at EDF.

  5. AxIS Rocquencourt and AxIS Sophia Antipolis have worked on two common Pacalabs contracts (Ecoffices, an energetical challenge and HOTEL-REF-PACA related to the log analysis of Web sites referencing).

  6. Fruitful relations established with the urban community of Nice Cote d'Azur (NCA) and the urban community of Antibes Sophia Antipolis in the context of various projects.

  7. AxIS staff has prepared the evaluation of our past four years and our future research as our colleagues from the same topic “Perception, Cognition, Interaction: Knowledge and Data Representation and Management” in october 12-13 (our last evaluation was in november 2007).

Best Paper Award :

[43] A user-oriented model for expert finding in the 33rd European conference on Advances in information retrieval.

E. Smirnova, K. Balog.