Section: Overall Objectives


  • The Associate Team Ancome, regrouping Camus and their Argentinian partners from the LaFhis team of the University of Buenos Aires, has started officially its activities in January 2011.

  • Philippe Clauss, Vincent Loechner and Diego Garbervetsky (Associate Team Ancome), published a chapter in the book Energy-Aware Memory Management for Embedded Systems, CRC Press 2012, on the paramatric estimation of memory consumption of programs.

  • Benoît Pradelle defended his PhD thesis December the 20th 2011 at the University of Strasbourg. He presented his results on dynamic selection of parallel code versions, automatic parallelization of binary codes and polyhedral dynamic and speculative parallelization. His jury was composed by Albert Cohen (reviewer), from INRIA, Sanjay Rajopadhye (reviewer), Colorado State University, USA, John Cavazos (examiner), University of Delaware, USA, Philippe Clauss, Alain Ketterlin and Vincent Loechner (advisors).

  • Alexandra Jimborean received the best poster award at the international conference Code Generation and Optimization (CGO) that was held in Chamonix, France, in April 2011.