Section: Dissemination

Animation of the scientific community

Guillaume Bonfante:

  • has been invited to give a talk at the Workshop on Logic and Computation, http://www.jaist.ac.jp/is/labs/ogawa-lab/wlc11.html ,

  • has been a referee of the PhD of Jean-Marie Borello. The thesis, dealing with virology, is entitled "Étude du métamorphisme viral : modélisation, conception et détection",

  • was in the jury of the PhD of Matthieu Morey. The thesis deals with Natural Language Processing,

  • contributed to the papers [23] , [22] whose aim is to compute the semantics of a sentence (in a natural language) from its syntactical analysis,

  • is a member of the program committee of the workshop LCC 2011, http://www.cs.swansea.ac.uk/lcc2011/ .

Isabelle Gnaedig:

  • is co-leader of the Carte research team,

  • was co-director of the PhD thesis of Philippe Beaucamps, defended 14 November, 2011,

  • is member of the scientific mediation committee of INRIA Nancy Grand-Est,

  • participated to the ESIAL admission committee.

Mathieu Hoyrup:

Jean-Yves Marion:

  • has been in the program committee of FOPARA 2011, CSL 2011,

  • has been the chair of DICE 2011, Malware 2011,

  • is co-chair of Complexity and Logic week, 30/01-03/02, at the winter school at CIRM

Romain Péchoux:

  • is french coordinator of the Associated team Cristal.