Section: Partnerships and Cooperations

International Initiatives

INRIA International Partners

  • Partner: Chilean meteorological office (Dirección Meteorológica de Chile)

  • The partner produces its operational air quality forecasts with Polyphemus. The 3-day forecasts essentially cover Santiago. The forecasts are accessible online in the form of maps, time series and video (http://www.meteochile.cl/modelos.html ).

  • Partner: Marine Hydrophysical Institute, Ukraine.

  • The collaboration concerns the study of the Black Sea surface circulation.

  • Partner: Institute of Numerical Mathematics, Russia

  • The collaboration concerns the estimation of uncertainty of the motion field derived from image data.

Participation In International Programs

Clime is running a two-year project under the PHC-DNIPRO program with the national university Taras Chevtchenko in Kiev. The subjects concerns the a posteriori minimax motion estimation from images.