Section: Members

Research Scientists

Catuscia Palamidessi [Team Leader, Senior Researcher, HdR]

Frank Valencia [Junior Researcher]

Konstantinos Chatzikokolakis [Junior Researcher]

External Collaborator

Romain Beauxis [Univ. of Tulane, USA. He has been a PhD student in Comète and defended his thesis in 2009]

PhD Students

Andrés Aristizábal [Grant DGA/CNRS. Since 1/10/2009]

Mário Sergio Ferreira Alvim Junior [Grant DGA/CNRS. 1/10/2008 – 30/9/2011]

Nicolás Bordenabe [Grant INRIA/DGA. Since 1/10/2011]

Ivan Gazeau [Grant ANR (CCP). Co-supervised by Dale Miller, INRIA. Since 1/10/2009]

Sophia Knight [Grant INRIA-CORDIS. Since 15/9/2010]

Luis Fernando Pino Duque [Grant INRIA/DGA. Since 1/10/2011]

Lili Xu [Co-supervised by Huimin Li, Chinese Academy of Science, Bejijing. Since 15/10/2011]

Post-Doctoral Fellows

Miguel Andrés [Grant QUALCOMM. Since 27/11/2010]

Jérémy Dubreil [Grant INRIA. 1/12/2009–31/3/2011]

Marco Giunti [Grant ERCIM. Since 1/3/2011]

Ehab ElSalamouni [Grant INRIA. Since 1/10/2011]

Sardaouna Hamadou [Grant ANR (Panda). Since 1/11/2011]

Visiting Scientist

Geoffrey Smith [Professor at Florida International University, USA. He visited comète from 26/8/2011 until 23//12/2011]

Administrative Assistant

Christelle Lievin [SAR]