Section: Software

MMCsp, a compiler for the π-calculus

Participants : Peng Wu [correspondant] , Catuscia Palamidessi.

MMCsp is a compiler from a simple probabilistic π-calculus to PRISM (http://www.prismmodelchecker.org/manual/Main/Introduction ). models. It is built on XSB (http://xsb.sourceforge.net/ ), a tabled logic programming system, and generates the symbolic semantic representation of a probabilistic pi-calculus term in text. A separate Java program then translates this semantic representation into a probabilistic model for PRISM.

The tool was developed by Peng Wu during his postdoc period in Comète in the context of the collaboration between the teams Comète and PRISM under the INRIA/ARC Project ProNoBib (http://www.lsv.ens-cachan.fr/~goubault/ProNobis/index.html ). It is based on the papers [41] and [38] .

The source code is free and can be download from http://www.cs.ucl.ac.uk/staff/p.wu/mmc_sp_manual.html .