Section: Dissemination


  • Master : “autonomous Robotics”, C. Laugier (responsible), A. Martinelli, M. Perrollaz, A. Nègre, 24h, M2, MOSIG-INP, France

  • Master (CNAM) : “autonomous Robotics”, CNAM, France

  • Doctorat (école d'été): “autonomous Robotics”, C. Laugier, 6h, SSIR'11.

  • Doctorat (école d'été): “Filtering, Localization and Mapping”, A. Martinelli, 4h, SSIR'11.

PhD & HdR:

  • PhD in progress: Alessandro Renzaglia, 3D coverage by using stochastic approach, 2009, A. Martinelli.

  • PhD in progress: Chiara Troiani, vision and inertial sensor fusion for 3D navigation, 2011, A. Martinelli.

  • PhD in progress: Jorge Rios-Martinez, Comfortable navigation using social conventions, 2009, A. Spalanzani.

  • PhD in progress: Arturo Escobedo, Shared Control navigation, 2011, A. Spalanzani.

  • PhD in progress: Raphael Laurent, Bayesian modelling to implement and compare different theories of speech communication, 2011, P. Bessière.

  • PhD in progress: Stéphanie Lefèvre, context-aware bayesian filtering for collision prediction at roads intersections, 2009, C. Laugier

  • PhD in progress: Gabriel Synnaeve, Bayesian programming applied to a multi-player video games P. Bessière.