Section: Contracts and Grants with Industry

Artemisia project CESAR

Participants : Huafeng Yu, An Phung-Khac, Yue Ma, Loïc Besnard, Thierry Gautier, Jean-Pierre Talpin.

In the context of CESAR, we have participated to the sub-project 3 demonstrator in order to demonstrate the usability of Polychrony as a co-simulation tool within the reference technology platform of the project, to which its open-source release has been integrated. The case-study, implemented in collaborateion with Airbus and IRIT, consists of co-modeling the doors management system of an Airbus A350 by merging its architecture description, specified with AADL, with its behavioral description, specified with Simulink.

In this case-study, we demonstrate that the Polychrony toolset can effectively serve as a modeling infrastructure to compositionally assemble, compile and verify heterogeneous specifications (AADL and Simulink). Our case study will cover code generation for real-time simulation and test as well as formal verification both at system-level and in a GALS framework. Based on that case study, we aim at developing further modular code-generation services, real-time simulation, test and performance evaluation, formal verification as well as the validation of the generated concurrent and distributed code.