Section: Contracts and Grants with Industry

ITEA2 project OPEES

Participants : Thierry Gautier, Yue Ma, Jean-Pierre Talpin.

The ITEA2 project OPEES is the continuation of the ANR project OPENEMBEDD to provide an open-source platform for embedded software design. Its outcome will outlive the duration of the project as it is in the process of becoming an Industrial Working Group of the Eclipse consortium, Polarsys, whose goal will be to host and maintain the proposed open-source platform and guarantee its long-term availability.

The mission of Opees is to build a community able to ensure durability of innovative engineering technologies in the domain of critical software-intensive embedded systems. Its main objectives are to secure the industrial strategy, improve their competitiveness and develop the European software industry.

Our goal in the OPEES project is to deliver the Polychrony toolset on the Polarsys platform as an infrastructure for the co-simulation and co-verification of embedded architectures. To this end, Polychrony is currently under a quality assessment performed in collaboration with CS.