Section: Contracts and Grants with Industry


Participants : Loïc Besnard, Chan Ngo, Jean-Pierre Talpin.

The Verisync project aims at improving the safety and reliability assessment of code produced for embedded software using synchronous programming environments developed under the paradigm of Model Driven Engineering. This is achieved by formally proving the correctness of essential transformations that a source model undergoes during its compilation into executable code.

Our contribution to Verisync consists of revisiting the seminal work of Pnueli et al. on translation validation and equip the Polychrony environment with updated verification techniques to scale it to possibly large, sequential or distributed, C programs generated from the Signal compiler. Our study covers the definition of simulation and bisimulation equivalence relations capable of assessing the correspondence between a source Signal specification and the sequential or concurrent code generated from it, as well as both specific abstract model-checking techniques allowing to accelerate verification and counter-example search techniques, to filter spurious verification failures obtained from excessive abstracted exploration.