Section: Software

CompCert C

Participants : Xavier Leroy [correspondant] , Sandrine Blazy [EPI Celtique] , Alexandre Pilkiewicz.

The CompCert C verified compiler is a compiler for a large subset of the C programming language that generates code for the PowerPC, ARM and x86 processors. The distinguishing feature of Compcert is that it has been formally verified using the Coq proof assistant: the generated assembly code is formally guaranteed to behave as prescribed by the semantics of the source C code. The subset of C supported is quite large, including all C types except long long and long double , all C operators, almost all control structures (the only exception is unstructured switch ), and the full power of functions (including function pointers and recursive functions but not variadic functions). The generated PowerPC code runs 2–3 times faster than that generated by GCC without optimizations, and only 7% (resp. 12%) slower than GCC at optimization level 1 (resp. 2).

Web site: http://compcert.inria.fr/ .