Section: Overall Objectives


Our goal is to develop the field of graph algorithms for networks. Based on algorithmic graph theory and graph modeling we want to understand what can be done in these large networks and what cannot. Furthermore, we want to derive practical distributed algorithms from known strong theoretical results. Finally, we want to extract possibly new graph problems by focusing on particular applications.

The main goal to achieve in networks are efficient searching of nodes or data, and efficient content transfers. We propose to implement strong theoretical results in that domain to make significant breakthrough in large network algorithms. These results concern small world routing, low stretch routing in doubling metrics and bounded width classes of graphs. They are detailed in the next section. This implies several challenges:

  • testing our target networks against general graph parameters known to bring theoretically tractability,

  • implementing strong theoretical results in the dynamic and distributed context of large networks.

A complementary approach consists in studying the combinatorial and graph structures that appear in our target networks. These structures may have inherent characteristics coming from the way the network is formed, or from the design goals of the target application.