Section: Partnerships and Cooperations


  • Master MPRI
    • Michel Habib is in charge of a course entitled “graph algorithms”.

    • Pierre Fraigniaud (12 hours) is in charge of the course “Algorithmique distribuée pour les réseaux”;

    • Carole Delporte and Hugues Fauconnier are in charge of “Algorithmique distribuée avec mémoire partagée”;

    • Laurent Viennot (12 hours) is teaching “Structures de données distribuées et routage”

  • D.U.T., University of Paris Diderot
    • Yacine Boufkhad (192 hours) is teaching scientific computer science and networks.

  • Computer Science U.F.R., University of Paris Diderot
    • Fabien de Montgolfier (192 hours) is teaching foundation of computer science, algorithmics, and computer architecture (192 hours);

    • Master 2 Computer Science, University of Marne-la-Vallée

      Fabien de Montgolfier is teaching P2P theory and application.

  • Professional Master, Paris Diderot University
    • Michel Habib (192 hours) is in charge of two courses entitled: Search Engines; Parallelism and mobility, which includes peer-to-peer overlay networks;

    • Carole Delporte (192 hours) is teaching “Distributed programming”;

    • Hugues Fauconnier (192 hours) in charge of both courses “Internet Protocols and Distributed algorithms”.

  • Master 2 Computer Science, University of Paris 6
    • Fabien Mathieu is teaching Peer-to-peer Networks (6 hours).

  • PhD : Mauricio Soto, ”Quelques propriétés topologiques des graphes et applications à Internet et aux réseaux”, Paris Diderot University, 2 December 2011, supervisors: Fabien de Montgolfier et Laurent Viennot;

  • PhD : Thu-Hien To: ”On some graph problems in phylogenetics”, Paris Diderot University, 15 September 2011, supervisor: Michel Habib;

  • PhD in progress : Hung Tran-The, Failure detection with Byzantine adversary, from 2010, supervisors: Hugues Fauconnier and Carole Delporte,