Section: New Results

Endocardial potential analysis for cardiac arrhythmias

Participants : Oriol Pont, Hussein Yahia, Harish Kumar Goddabanahalli, Michel Haissaguerre, Nicolas Derval, Mélèze Hocini.

Cardiac diseases are the main cause of morbidity and mortality in western countries. Both the pathogenic areas and the evolution of the condition are complex to detect and estimate in the case of arrhythmias, specially in atrial and ventricular fibrillation. In these cases, the dynamics of the cardiac potential behaves chaotically in a highly complex way that challenges its description. Under this context, we are working in the direction of the characterization of the heartbeat dynamics in a model-agnostic way. We have performed analysis of heartbeat dynamics through singularity spectrum, empirical analysis of LPEs for the deart-beat Dynamics, and a novel innovative method to distinguish arrthymic heartbeat with rythmic heartbeat has been studied.

Intracardial potential is measured by means of electrode catheters used during the radiofrequency ablation procedure for cases of atrial fibrillation. We have found that in the electric potential signal, a simple fast-changing three-state orientation signal can be sifted from its complex but slow-changing modulation. The fast dynamics experimentally fits a Markovian process which can be described in a simple and compact way and its parameters are robustly estimated. This shows a clear change of signature even with small statistics that can be used to detect transitions in the arrhythmia and identify different regimes in them.

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