Section: New Results

A multiscale approach to phase reconstruction for Adaptive Optics

Participants : Suman Kumar Maji, Hussein Yahia, Oriol Pont, Thierry Fusco, Vincent Michau, Joel Sudre.

Atmospheric turbulence in Earth's atmosphere upper layers plays a fundamenbtal role in limiting the resolution of ground based instruments. These turbulent layers perturbate to a great extent incoming light from outer space. One of the best known solutions to overcome this hurdle is Adaptative Optics (AO). It provides real-time compensation by deforming a mirror through a servo-loop, according to phase measurements provided by a wavefront sensor (WFS). We propose and experiment with a new model for phase reconstruction from an acquired subimage of the perturbated phase: instead of reconstructing the phase gradient using conventional methods of AO, we propagate along the scales phase information, from the low resolution of the WFS to higher resolution, using specific wavelet projections that mimic inference along the scales associated to cascading properties of fully developed turbulence.

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