HiePACS is a research initiative of the joint Inria-CERFACS Laboratory on High Performance Computing (https://inria-cerfacs.inria.fr/ ).

Section: Members

Research Scientists

Luc Giraud [Inria, Team Leader since Oct. 2011, Senior Researcher (DR), HdR]

Emmanuel Agullo [Inria, Junior Researcher (CR)]

Olivier Coulaud [Inria, Senior Researcher (DR)]

Jean Roman [Inria, Team Leader until Sept. 2011, Senior Researcher (DR on secondment), Professor at IPB, HdR]

Xavier Vasseur [CERFACS, ALGO Project, Senior Scientist]

Faculty Members

Aurélien Esnard [University of Bordeaux, Associate Professor (MdC)]

Abdou Guermouche [University of Bordeaux, Associate Professor (MdC)]

External Collaborators

Iain Duff [CERFACS, ALGO Project, Senior Scientist , HIEPACS Scientific Advisor]

Pierre Fortin [Paris 6 University, LIP6, Assistant Professor (MdC)]

Guillaume Latu [Strasbourg University, LSIIT, Assistant Professor (MdC), on secondment at CEA Cadarache]

Technical Staff

Mohamed Abdoul Asize [CNRS, funding from ANR ARA CIS NOSSI, since Nov. 2010]

Yohan Lee-Tin-Yien [Inria, funding from ADT ParScaLi, ended Dec. 2011]

Bérenger Bramas [Inria, funding from ADT ScalFMM, since Dec. 2010]

Matthieu Lecouvez [Inria, funding from HiePACS, since Oct. 2011]

PhD Students

Rached Abdelkhalek [TOTAL, CIFRE, since Jan. 2008]

Mathieu Chanaud [Inria, funding from Inria and CEA, defended Oct. 2011]

Yohann Dudouit [CERFACS, funding from TOTAL, since Oct. 2010]

Arnaud Etcheverry [Inria, funding from ANR-OPTIDIS, since Oct. 2011]

Andra Hugo [Inria, funding from Inria-Région Aquitaine, since Oct. 2011]

Stojce Nakov [Inria, funding from TOTAL, since Oct. 2011]

Alexis Praga [CERFACS, since Oct. 2011]

Pablo Salas Medina [Inria, funding from Europe FP7/ITN (Marie Curie) MyPlanet, since June 2010]

Jérôme Soumagne [CSCS, funding from Europe FP7/ICT/FET NextMuSE  STREP, since Apr. 2009]

Clément Vuchener [University of Bordeaux, funding from French Research Ministry, since Sept. 2010]

Mawussi Zounon [Inria, funding from ANR-RESCUE, since Oct. 2011]

Post-Doctoral Fellows

Mikko Byckling [CERFACS, ALGO Project, since Oct. 2010]

Yan-Fei Jing [Inria, since Oct. 2011]

Administrative Assistants

Barta Beneddine [Inria, ended June 2011]

Marie Sanchez [Inria, July-Oct. 2011]

Chrystel Plumejeau [Inria, since Nov. 2011]


Florent Lopez [Internship, July-Aug. 2011]

Andra Hugo [Internship, March-Sept. 2011]

Stojce Nakov [Internship, March-Sept. 2011]

Lucas Verdonk [Internship, Feb-Aug. 2011]

Mawussi Zounon [Internship, March-Sept. 2011]