Section: Software


With the help of former engineers, I4S team has developed and maintained a Scilabtoolbox devoted to modal analysis and vibration monitoring of structures or machines subjected to known or ambient (unknown) excitation. This software (COSMAD 3.64) has been registered at the APP under the number


A list of test-cases (simulators, laboratory test-beds, real structures) for which COSMAD has been used is available on I4S website. The problem is to identify the eigenstructure (eigenvalues and observed components of the associated eigenvectors) of the state transition matrix of a linear dynamical system, using only the observation of some measured outputs summarized into a sequence of covariance matrices corresponding to successive time shifts. Other services are

  • Output-only and Input/Ouptut subspace-based identification,

  • Automated on-line identification package,

  • Subspace-based identification through moving sensors data fusion,

  • Damage detection and monitoring,

  • Damage localization,

The modules have been tested by different partners, especially the French industrial partners, EADS, Dassault and Sopemea, within the FLITE2 project, by partners from the past CONSTRUCTIF project, and within the framework of bilateral contracts with SNECMA and SVS.

Based on intensive internal evaluation of the toolbox, on both simulated and real data sets, EADS Space Transportation and CNES have been investigating how to use the toolbox for the exploitation of the Ariane 5 flight data sets.

This Scilabtoolbox continues to play the role of a programming and development environment for all our newly designed algorithms. Moreover, offering a maintained Scilabplatform turns out to be a crucial factor in convincing industrial partners to undertake joint investigations with us. Just recently, SNECMA funded development for the Cosmad toolbox in 2010.