Section: Software

Navidget - Easy 3D Camera Positioning from 2D Inputs

Participant : Martin Hachet [correspondant] .

Web: https://iparla.inria.fr/software/navidget/

Navidget is a new interaction technique for camera positioning in 3D environments. Unlike the existing POI techniques, Navidget does not attempt to automatically estimate where and how the user wants to move. Instead, it provides good feedback and control for fast and easy interactive camera positioning. Navidget can also be useful for distant inspection when used with a preview window.

This new 3D User interface is totally based on 2D input. As a result, it is appropriate for a wide variety of visualization systems, from small handheld devices to large interactive displays. A user study on TabletPC shows that the usability of Navidget is very good for both expert and novice users. Apart from these tasks, the Navidget approach can be useful for further purposes such as collaborative work and animation.

We have developed a C++/OpenGL library, called LibNavidget, which allows you to integrate Navidget in your own applications. A sample application is included in the package.