Section: Partnerships and Cooperations

National Initiatives

Lise (ANR )

The Lise (http://licit.inrialpes.fr/lise/ ) project started in 2008 and is funded by the ANR sesur programme. Lise is coordinated by Licit and involves the Amazones and Pop Art Inria project-teams, the Law Faculty of Versailles Saint-Quentin, the Law Faculty of Caen, Verimag and Supelec .

One of the motivations of the Lise project is the fact that, as observed by several authors, software quality and patterns of security frauds are directly related to legal liability patterns. But the precise definition of the expected functionalities of software systems is quite a challenge, not to mention the use of such definition as a basis for a liability agreement. Taking up this challenge was precisely the objective of Lise . To achieve this goal, the project has studied liability issues both from the legal and the technical points of view with the aim to put forward methods (1) to define liability in a precise and unambiguous way and (2) to establish liability in case of disagreement [5] , [12] , [11] .

Fluor (ANR )

The Fluor (http://fluor.no-ip.fr/ ) project started in 2008 and is funded by the ANR sesur programme. Fluor is coordinated by ENSTB and involves the CNRS (IODE ), Inria (Licit ), the LIUPPA (University of Pau), SWID and the University of Polynésie Française.

The context of the Fluor project is the protection of corporate documents circulating within companies. The main objectives of the project are (1) to unify information flow models and usage control models and (2) to analyse the legal issues raised by the use of these documents. Emphasis is put by Licit on the specification of obligations within organizations [10] .