Section: Partnerships and Cooperations

European Initiatives

FP7 Projet

  • Title: Future Internet Ware.


  • Defi: PPP FI: Technology Foundation: Future Internet Core Platform.

  • Instrument: Integrated Project (IP).

  • Duration: May 2011 - April 2014.

  • Coordinator: Telefonica. (Spain)

  • Others partners: SAP (Germany), IBM (Israel, Switzerland), Thales Communications (France), Telecom Italia (Italy), France Telecom (France), Nokia Siemens Networks (Germany, Hungary, Finland), Deutsche Telekom (Germany), Technicolor (France), Ericsson (Sweden), Atos Origin (Spain), Ingeneria Informatica (Italy), Alcatel-Lucent (Italy, Germany), Siemens (Germany), Intel (Ireland), NEC (United Kingdom), Fraunhofer Institute (Germany), University of Madrid (Spain), University of Duisburg (Germany), University of Roma La Sapienza (Italy), University of Surrey (United Kingdom).

  • See also: http://www.fi-ware.eu/ .

  • Abstract: The goal of the FI-WARE project is to advance the global competitiveness of the EU economy by introducing an innovative infrastructure for cost-effective creation and delivery of services, providing high QoS and security guarantees. FI-WARE is designed to meet the demands of key market stakeholders across many different sectors, e.g., healthcare, telecommunications, and environmental services. The project unites major European industrial actors in an unique effort never seen before. The key deliverables of FI-WARE will deliver an open architecture and implementation of a novel service infrastructure, building upon generic and reusable building blocks developed in earlier research projects. This infrastructure will support emerging Future Internet (FI) services in multiple Usage Areas, and will exhibit significant and quantifiable improvements in the productivity, reliability and cost of service development and delivery - building a true foundation for the Future Internet.