Section: Dissemination

Animation of the scientific community

Scientific Community Animation

  • F. Multon: Leader of the Mimetic research team

  • F. Multon: Member of the European Society of Biomechanics, the ACM association, the IEEE association, the Computer Society association, the Eurographcis association, the European Society of Biomechanics, the French "Societe de Biomecanique", the French "Association Française de Realite Virtuelle", Reviewer Journal of Biomechanics, CASA internation conference, Computer Methods in Biomedical Engineering journal, Computer & Graphics journal, Eurographics 2011, IEEE International Symposium on Robot and Human Interactive Communication conference, IEEE TVCG journal, Program Committee member of ACM SIGGRAPH Asia (Sketches and posters), Motion in Games Conference MIG2011, SKILLS conference, Scientific expert for "Pole Productique de Bretagne", and Auteo association, in ergonomics, Guest editor of Presence - Mit Press, VR & Sports special issue: Benoit Bideau, Richard Kulpa, Franck Multon, Program chair of Simulation of Sports Motion co-located with CASA2011, Session chairman of "Modélisation musculo-squelettique" in ACAPS'2011 conference and "Analyses Biomécanique de la performance motrice" in ACAPS'2011.

  • M. Christie: Member of Eurographics, AFIG and AFRV, Member of Program committee and Steering committee of Smartgraphics 2011, Reviewer for Eurographics 2011, Smartgraphics 2011, Foundations of Digital Games, IEEE Visualisation, Pervasive 2011, Reviewer for journals Computer Graphics Forum, Transactions on Visualisation and Computer Graphics, Transactions on Robotics, Computers and their Applications.

  • R. Kulpa: Guest editor of Presence - Mit Press, VR & Sports special issue (with F. Multon and B. Bideau), Organization committee member of ACAPS 2011 conference, Program chair of "VR and Sports" Symposium with B. Bideau; Program committee of CGVCVIP 2011 conference; Reviewer of IEEE VR.

  • F. Lamarche: Reviewer for Computer Animation and Virtual Worlds. PhD Committee of Hakim Soussi.

  • J. Pettré: Member of ACM and IEEE associations, Reviewer for Siggraph, Siggraph Asia, Eurographics, Pacific Graphics, Computer Animation and Social Agents, ACM/Eurographics Symposium on Computer Animation, IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics, Computer Animation and Virtual Worlds, ICRA, VR, Journal of Computational Science, Computer Graphics Forum, Autonomous Robots, Motion in Game Conference, Program Committee member of Pacific Graphics, Scientific expert for ANR

  • A. Crétual: Reviewer of Medical & Biological Engineering & Computing, Journal of Electromyography and Kinesiology, Editorial Board of Journal of Electromyography and Kinesiology, PhD Committee of Caroline Moreau

Courses in Universities

  • M. Christie: User interaction (U. of Nantes), Programming on tactile surfaces and Android (U. of Nantes)

  • R. Kulpa: Biomechanics and scientific programming, University Rennes 2, Computer Animation IUT Bordeaux 1.

  • F. Lamarche: Computer Animation ESIR IN , AI for Video Games ESIR IN , Real Time Rendering and Computer Animation Master GL, IFSIC - MIT, ENS Cachan/Rennes .

  • F. Multon: Master of Computer Science Ifsic : Image and Motion; Master of Physical Exercise University Rennes2

  • A. Crétual: Master course on Sports or pathological Gesture analysis, Univ. Rennes 2