Section: Contracts and Grants with Industry

Contracts with Industry

I-Lab Idées-3com (2009-2012)

Participants : Clément Moerman, Norbert Barichard, Samuel Degrande, Patricia Plénacoste, Damien Marchal, Laurent Grisoni [correspondant] .

We have set up with Idées-3com small company a join research program, targeted toward new tools for retail. This program is supported by INRIA, with a 3 year young engineer contract. During this join project, we have proposed interaction systems that is based on mobile phone, and allows fast naviguation into 3D virtual world. We also recently proposed a new naviguation technique, that proposes nice properties, including fast and accurate control of transition position during naviguation.

3DTOUCH (STMicroelectronics, 2010-2011)

Participants : Michel Amberg, Géry Casiez, Frédéric Giraud, Betty Lemaire-Semail [correspondant] , Paolo Olivo, Nicolas Roussel.

The goal of this project was to study the adaptation of the operating principles of the STIMTAC (i.e. piezoelectric cells bonded to a mechanical resonator) to off-the-shelf transparent touch sensors based on resistive and capacitive technologies.