Section: Partnerships and Cooperations

Regional Initiatives

Gina (Inria ADT, 2009-2011)

Participants : Nicolas Bremard, Samuel Degrande, Laurent Grisoni [correspondant] , Damien Marchal.

This technology development activity aims at proposing a low-cost free-hand interaction system, that can be used flexibly in arbitrary configuration, using previous team results (start oct 2009, end nov 2011). During both years of this ADT, collaboration has been made with Le Fresnoy (National Studio of Contemporary Art) School (http://www.lefresnoy.net ), for the Panorama exhibitions (one month, from early june to early july each year). Each year, two artistic installation have been put up in collaboration with artists from this school; in 2010-2011, the two installation used a kinect as the acquisition device for interaction.

Boing (Inria ADT, 2010-2012)

Participants : Damien Marchal, Paolo Olivo, Nicolas Roussel [correspondant] .

This project aims at creating a software toolkit to facilitate research on tactile and gestural interaction with the following goals in mind: it should make it easy to handle different hardware and software configurations, to compare existing interaction techniques, to develop new ones and to make them available to other people. See [23] for a description of the motivation for this work and preliminary results.