Section: Partnerships and Cooperations

National Initiatives

Reactive (ANR TecSan, 2008-2011)

Participants : Géry Casiez, Jean-Philippe Deblonde, Frédéric Giraud, Laurent Grisoni [correspondant] .

This project addressed rehabilitation for patients who suffered cerebrovascular accident (CVA). It aimed at proposing new VR-based tools for rehabilitation to improve patient involvement into his/her own rehabilitation, by proposing attractive training exercices and increase transfer of recovered skills, from exercices to real-life situations[14] .

Partners: Hopale Fundation (coordinator), Inria [Mint], CEA-LIST, Idées-3com

Web site: http://reactive.berck-handicap.com/

InSTInCT (ANR ContInt, 2009-2012)

Participants : Géry Casiez [correspondant] , Frédéric Giraud, Laurent Grisoni, Anthony Martinet, Nicolas Roussel.

This project focuses on the design, development and evaluation of new simple and efficient touch-based interfaces, with the goal of bringing widespread visibility to new generations of interactive 3D applications.

Partners: Inria [Mint, Iparla], Immersion, Cap Sciences

Web site: http://anr-instinct.cap-sciences.net/