Section: Members

Research Scientists

Thierry Gautier [Junior Researcher CR1]

Bruno Raffin [Junior Researcher CR1, HdR]

Faculty Members

Jean-Louis Roch [Team leader, Associate Professor]

François Broquedis [Associate Professor]

Vincent Danjean [Associate Professor]

Pierre-François Dutot [Associate Professor]

Guillaume Huard [Associate Professor]

Grégory Mounié [Associate Professor]

Denis Trystram [Professor, HdR]

Frédéric Wagner [Associate Professor]

Clément Pernet [Associate Professor]

Technical Staff

Christian Séguy [CNRS/LIG Engineer, 40%]

Pierre Neyron [CNRS/LIG, Research engineer, 40%]

Eric Amat [2010-2012. INRIA Grant (ADT VGATE)]

Fabien Le Mentec [2009, Engineer ADT Kaapi]

Fabrice Schuler [2010, Engineer Minalogic contract SHIVA]

PhD Students

Mohamed-Slim Bouguerra [2008, INRIA Cordi]

Daniel Cordeiro [2007, Alban scholarship]

Matthieu Dreher [2011-2015.]

Stefano Drimon Kurz Mor [2011-2015, co-tutelle with UFRGS.]

Marie Durand [2010-2013. Funded by ANR project REPDYN]

Adel Essafi [2006, co-tutelle ESST Tunis, Tunisia (Amine Mahjoub)]

Mathias Ettinger [2011-2015. Funded by Inria contract EDF]

Joao Ferreira Lima [2010, co-tutelle Grenoble Univ – UFRGS Brazil, CAPES COFECUB]

Ludovic Jacquin [2009, common to PLANETE and MOAIS]

Christophe Laferrière [2009, Nano2012-HiPeComp contract]

Florence Monna [2011, co-advised Paris-6]

Swann Perarnau [2008, MRNT scholarship]

Vinicius Pinheiro [2011, co-advised with USP]

Jean-Noel Quintin [2008, Minalogic CILOE contract]

Post-Doctoral Fellow

Joachim Lepping [2011, Inria contract]

Administrative Assistants

Ahlem Zammit-Boubaker [INRIA Administrative Assistant, 50% (till sept.)]

Annie Simon [INRIA Administrative Assistant, 40% (from oct.)]

Annie-Claude Vial-Dallais [CNRS Administrative Assistant, 40%]


Xavier Martin [2011–2014, Apprenti]