Section: Dissemination

Animation of the scientific community

  • 2011 2010 Chair / Symposium co-chair

  • 2011 Program committee

    EGPGV (Eurographics Symposium on Parallel Rendering and Visualization)

    • Program Committee member since 2007

    Eurographics 2012 (short papers topic)

    IEEE VR 2008-2012 (IEEE Conference on Virtual Reality). Co-chair of exhibition in 2012

    VRC 2011

    WEHA 2011 (Workshop on Exploitation of Hardware Accelerators)

    ICAT 2011 (21st International Conference on Artificial Reality and Telexistence)

    SEARIS 2011 (Fourth Workshop on Software Engineering and Architectures for Realtime Interactive Systems)

    ISVC 201 et 2012 (International Symposium on Visual Computing)

    SVR 2011 (Symposium on Virtual and Augmented Reality), Brazil

    PAPP 2011 (International Workshop on Applications of Declarative and Object-oriented Parallel Programming)

    CLCAR 2011 (Conferencia Latinamericana de Computatición de Alto Rendimiento)

    RenPar 2011 (20ièmes Rencontres Francophones du Parallelisme), may 10-13, 2011, Saint Malo, France

    HCW'2011 (20th IEEE Heterogeneous Computing Workshop) may 2011, Anchorage, Alaska, USA

    LSAP 2011 (3rd Workshop on Large-Scale System and Application Performance) june 2010, San Jose, USA

    OPTIM'11 (Workshop on Opt. Issues in Energy Efficient Distributed Systems) july 4-8, 2011, Istanbul, Turkey

    ISPDC (10th Internat Symposium on Parallel and Distributed Computing) july 6-8, 2011, Cluj-Napoca, Romania

    IC3 2011 (4th International Conference of Contemporary Computing) august 8-10, 2011, New Delhi, India

    ParCo'2011, august 30 - sept. 2, 2011, Ghent, Belgium

    ScalSol (scalable solutions for greenIT), august 31 - sept. 2, 2011, Pafos, Cyprus

    WAOA 2011, september 8-9, Saarbruecken, Germany

    PPAM 2011, september 10-14, 2011, Torun, Poland

    LaSCoG (7th Workshop on Large Scale Computations on Grids) september 2011, Torun, Poland

    New perspectives in scheduling theory, october 9-14, 2011, Hangzhou, China

    23th SBAC-PAD, october 26-29, 2011, Esperito Santo, Brazil

  • 2011 Other.

    Steering Board member of EGPGV 2011 (Eurographics Symposium on Parallel Rendering and Visualization)

    Local chair of EuroPar 2011 (Parallel and Distributed Programming), Bordeaux, France