Section: Software


Participants : Thierry Gautier [correspondant] , Vincent Danjean, Pierre Neyron.

KAAPI means Kernel for Adaptative, Asynchronous Parallel and Interactive programming. It is a C++ library that allows to execute multithreaded computation with data flow synchronization between threads. The library is able to schedule fine/medium size grain program on distributed machine. The data flow graph is dynamic (unfold at runtime). Target architectures are clusters of SMP machines.Main features are * It is based on work-stealing algorithms ; * It can run on various processors ; * It can run on various architectures (clusters or grids) ; * It contains non-blocking and scalable algorithms.

See also the web page http://kaapi.gforge.inria.fr .

  • ACM: D.1.3

  • License: CeCILL

  • OS/Middelware: Unix (Linux, MacOSX, ...)

  • Programming language: C/C++, Fortran