Section: New Results

Detection and quantification of brain aneurysms

Participants : Sahar Hassan, Franck Hétroy.

Aneurysms are excrescences on blood vessels. They can break, letting the blood propagate outside the vessel, which often leads to death. In some cases, the blood clots sufficiently fast so that people survive. However, a neurosurgeon or a neuroradiologist should intervene very quickly in order to repare the vessel before the aneurysm breaks once more.

The purpose of our research is to help neurosurgeons and neuroradiologists to plan surgery, by giving them quantitative information about the size, shape and geometry position of aneurysms. This work was part of the PhD of Sahar Hassan [2] , and has presented at the International Conference on Computer Analysis of Images and Patterns (CAIP) [12] . The method we propose first extracts a centered skeleton from the input voxel set of the vascular tree, then detects aneurysms by studying variations of vessel diameters along the skeleton. The name of an aneurysm-carrying vessel is also given thanks to a partial graph matching technique, and accurate measures to decide the treatment are provided.