Section: Software



Christine Morin, Christine.Morin@inria.fr




Version V1.0 (experimental)




Saline (former called VMdeploy ) is a generic framework to deploy and manage encapsulated user jobs in virtual machines (VMs) at grid level by moving them from one site to another transparently for the encapsulated jobs  [58] . Moreover, Saline is non-intrusive and can be used with any non-modified Grid resource management systems (RMSs).

Saline deploys and configures a set of VMs according to the user needs. Then, periodically, Saline takes snapshots of the running VMs and saves them on a dedicated node in an efficient way  [57] . In addition, Saline checks the status of the running VMs. If something wrong happens i.e. one or more VMs have failed due for instance to a node failure or to the arrival of a higher priority job, Saline redeploys the set of VMs from the latest snapshot taken on new available resources provided by the Grid RMS. Thanks to Saline , the redeployment of the snapshot is done in a transparent way from the encapsulated job point of view.

In its current implementation, Saline is programmed in bash and C . It uses Libvirt in order to create, to snapshot, and to restart the VMs. It means that Saline can deploy and manage KVM and XEN VMs or any other VMs usable with Libvirt . In addition, the architecture of Saline is very modular in order to have a clear and easily extensible code.

Active contributors (from Myriads team):

Jérôme Gallard, Christine Morin