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Statistical numerical dosimetry (DONUT)

Participants : Amine Drissaoui [Ampère Laboratory, Ecole Centrale de Lyon] , Stéphane Lanteri, Philippe Leveque [XLIM Laboratory, Limoges] , Ronan Perrussel [Ampère Laboratory, Ecole Centrale de Lyon] , Damien Voyer [Ampère Laboratory, Ecole Centrale de Lyon] .

The objectives of the DONUT project are to develop and validate a new numerical dosimetry approach for dealing with the variability of human exposure to electromagnetic fields, in order do directly deduce a statistical analysis of the effects of the exposure. The proposed numerical methodology which is based on a stochastic finite element method and can exploit in a non intrusive way existing Maxwell solvers for the calculation of the Specific Absorption Rate in biological tissues. This feature is demonstrated in the project by considering both finite difference, finite element and discontinuous Galerkin Maxwell solvers.