Section: Dissemination

Interaction with the scientific community

Prizes and distinctions

Since 2007, Marc Pouzet is a junior member of the IUF (“Institut Universitaire de France”), that distinguishes each year a few French university professors for the high quality of their research activities.

Collective responsibilities within INRIA

  • M. Pouzet is an elected member of the INRIA Evaluation Committee.

  • A. Cohen is an elected member of the INRIA Scientific Council.

  • A. Cohen is a member of the BCP of INRIA Rocquencourt.

  • A. Cohen is the scientific representative for the International Relations of INRIA for INRIA Rocquencourt, and a member of the COST GTRI committee.

  • J. Vuillemin was head of Computer Science at ENS from 2007 to 2011.

Collective responsibilities outside INRIA

  • J. Vuillemin is a 2011 member of the International Scientific Advisory Board, National ICT Australia.

  • J. Vuillemin chairs the 2011 Scientific Advisory Board of I2R in Singapore.

  • J. Vuillemin received the “Grand prix 2008 des sciences de l'Informatique et de leurs applications”, from the French Academy of Sciences and foundation EADS.

  • J. Vuillemin was "Directeur Scientifique" at INRIA from 2005 to 2007.

  • L. Mandel is in charge of the International Selection of ENS with J. Bertrane (ENS) for the computer science department.

  • M. Pouzet was president of the hiring committee for a Chaire position funded by CNRS and École Polytechnique, in the computer science department of École Polytechnique, in january 2011.

  • M. Pouzet was a member of the hiring committee for an Assistant Professor position at École Nationale Supérieure des Techniques Avancées (ENSTA), in May 2011; a Full Professor position in Université de Nice, in May 2011.

  • A. Cohen was a member of two hiring committees for Associate Professor positions at UPMC in May and September 2011.

  • A. Cohen jointly created and operates the Electrical Engineering multidisciplinary program at at École Polytechnique (Master 1 level), with Yvan Bonnassieu (physics department) and Frédéric Bonnans (applied mathematics department).