Section: Overall Objectives

Overall Objectives

A host of networked devices are populating smart spaces that become prevalent in an increasing number of areas, including supply chain management (e.g., parcel tracking), monitoring (e.g., building surveillance and patient monitoring) and home and building automation (e.g., control of energy consumption). This situation raises a number of challenges (1) safety and security because of the interweaving of these smart spaces in our daily life, (2) productivity because of a high demand of applications matching the wide range of user needs, and (3) abstraction because of the heterogeneity of the devices.

To address these challenges, we develop a software engineering approach that is dedicated to services orchestrating networked devices:

  • the specification of robust orchestrating services based on innovative Domain-Specific Languages (DSLs),

  • the study of the communication layers underlying these services to improve flexibility and performance,

  • the application to concrete areas such as pervasive computing or avionics to validate our approach.