Section: Software


This software has been developed under the leadership of D. Martin for several years in order to offer to the researchers a very efficient tool (in Fortran 77 and object oriented) for easily implementing finite element based original numerical methods for solving partial differential equations. It has specific and original potential in the domain of time harmonic wave problems (integral representations, spectral DtN conditions,...). Nowadays, it is fully functional in various application areas (acoustics and aeroacoustics, elastodynamics, electromagnetism, water waves). It is an open source software with on line documentation available at


The software is regularly used in about 10 research laboratories (in France and abroad) and number of research papers have published results obtained with MELINA (see the Web site). Moreover, every 2 years, a meeting is organized which combines a workshop which teaches new users with presentations by existing users.

During the last four years, apart from various local improvements of the code, new functionalities have been developed:

  • Higher order finite elements (up to 10th order),

  • Higher order quadrature formulae,

  • DtN boundary conditions in 3D.

A new C++ version of the software is under development.