Section: Overall Objectives


Among the significative scientific advances and successes of this year, that are illustrated by the finalization of several PhD theses, we would like to emphasize:

  • The diversification and intensification of our research in the domain of ultra-sonic non destructive testing in the framework of a long term collaboration with CEA LIST. One spectacular concretization of this collaboration is the PhD thesis of S. Impériale about the modeling of piezoelectric sensors. A success in term of recognition of our activity in this fields is the acceptation of the European project.

  • Several spectacular advances in the mathematical understanding of electromagnetic wave propagation in metamaterials (in the more general sense of the term and the development of corresponding numerical methods. These progresses have been successfully recognized via the ANR Project METAMATH, whose Poems is coordinator, on the thematic of metamaterials, a major topic for Poems in the forthcoming years.

  • A pioneering work on the full modelization by physical models of a concert piano via the PhD thesis of J. Chabassier. This is an exemplary success of a multi disciplinary collaboration with the Unity of Mechanics at ENSTA (A. Chaigne)

Let us also mention the arrival of two new CNRS researchers, Marc Bonnet (DR) and Stéphanie Chaillat (CR), which bring new competences in the domains of integral equations and inverse problems.