Section: Software

CloudWeaver suite

Participants : Paulo Gonçalves, Guilherme Koslovski, Fabienne Anhalt.

The following list of softwares, whose development was initiated at RESO, constitutes the main outcome of the research work delivered by Guilherme Koslovski (PhD, july 2011) [8] and Fabienne Anhalt (PhD, july 2011) [7] . These products are also part of the technological transfer to Lyatiss (headed by Pascale Vicat-Blanc); embedded in the CloudWeaver Suite, they implement the solutions for virtual resources orchestration and infrastructure services.

  • VXAlloc

    Dynamic allocation of virtual resources (Patent INPI:10/01626, 2010, Lyatiss, INRIA, ENS Lyon)

  • VXCap

    Partitioning of complex physicals infrastructures (Patent INPI:10/01624, 2010, Lyatiss, INRIA, ENS Lyon)

  • VxSwitch

    Virtualized switching fabric (Patent INPI:10/00368, 2010, Lyatiss, INRIA, ENS Lyon)

  • HiperNet

    Automatic configuration of virtual networks, by programming virtual routers and configuring virtual links according to service requirements (APPcode: IDDN.FR.001.260010.000.S.P.2009.000.10700, 2009, LYaTiss, INRIA ENS Lyon)

  • VXDL parser

    Interpretation and XML traduction of virtual infrastructures specifications (APPcode: IDDN.FR.001.260009.000.S.P.2009.000.10800)

Due to non disclosure agreement between INRIA and Lyatiss, access to these software is now submitted to patent restriction.