Section: Partnerships and Cooperations

Visiting Researchers

We hosted several researchers this year:

  • Toshiya Hachisuka (Univ. of California San Diego), in February

  • Alla Sheffer (Univ. of British Columbia), in March

  • Ares Lagae (KU Leuven, FWO Belgium), in March, June, and November

  • Martin Banks (Univ. Of Berkeley), in April and October

  • Bernd Froehlich (Bauhaus-Universitaet Weimar), in May

  • Olga Sorkine (New York Univ.), in May

  • Eugene Fiume (Univ. of Toronto), in June

  • Christian Lessig (Univ. of Toronto), in June

  • James O'Shea (Univ. of Berkeley), in July

  • J.P. Lewis (Weta Digital, Wellington, NZ) in October

  • Maria Roussou (Makebelieve, Greece), in November

  • Carles Bosch (Univ. of Girona), in November

  • Insu Yu (UCL London), in November

  • Cloud Shao (Univ. of Toronto) in Nov/Dec.