Section: Software


Participants : Jocelyne Erhel, Aurélien Le Gentil, Géraldine Pichot [correspondant] , Baptiste Poirriez, Nadir Soualem.

The software GW-NUM is a set of generic modules to discretize PDE of flow and transport in 2D computational domains in order to deal with stochastic models. Methods for flow simulations are either Finite Volume on structured meshes or Mixed Finite Element with unstructured meshes. Method for transport simulations is a particle tracker for advection and a random walker for diffusion. Uncertainty Quantification method is Monte-Carlo. For flow computations, the involved linear system is solved by external software devoted to sparse matrices.

See also the web page http://h2olab.inria.fr .

  • Version: version 1.0, May 2008

  • APP: registered

  • Programming language: C++