Section: Software


Participant : Sara Bouchenak [correspondant] .

ConSer  is a software framework for the modeling and the concurrency and admision control of servers systems. It implements a fluid-based model that exhibits the dynamics and behavior of a server system in terms of service performance and availability. ConSer  implements various novel admission control laws for servers such as AM-C, PM-C, AA-PM-C and PA-AM-C. A control law produces the server concurrency level that allows to trade-off and meet given service level objectives. ConSer 's modeling and control laws algorithms are implemented following a proxy-based approach for more transparency.

  • ACM: C.4 Performance of Systems; D.2.9 Management

  • Keywords: System management, capacity planning, performance management

  • Software benefit: MoKa provides modeling, capacity planning and performance management facilities for application server clusters. Thanks to its model-based capacity planning, MoKa is able to enforce service level objectives while minimizing the service cost.

  • License: LGPL

  • Type of human computer interaction: web interface

  • OS/Middleware: Windows, Linux, MacOS X

  • Programming language: Java, AspectJ