Section: Software


Participants : Dàmian Serrano, Sara Bouchenak [correspondant] .

e-Caching  is a software framework for higher scalability of multi-tier Internet services through end-to-end caching of dynamic data. It provides a novel caching solution that allows to cache different types of data (e.g. Web content, database query results, etc.), at different locations of multi-tier Internet services. The framework allows to combine different caches and, thus, to provide higher scalability of Internet services. e-Caching  maintains the integrity of the cached data through novel distributed caching algorithms that guarantee the consistency of the underlying data.

  • ACM: C.2.4 Distributed Systems, C.4 Performance of Systems

  • Keywords: Caching, multi-tier systems, consistency, performance

  • Software benefit: a novel end-to-end caching protocol for multi-tier services, consistency management, performance improvement.

  • License: TBD

  • Type of human computer interaction: command-line interface

  • OS/Middleware: Windows, Linux, MacOS X

  • Programming language: Java