Section: Software


Participants : Amit Sangroya, Dàmian Serrano, Sara Bouchenak [correspondant] .

MRB  is a software framework for benchmarking the performance and dependability of MapReduce distributed systems. It includes five benchmarks covering several application domains and a wide range of execution scenarios such as data-intensive vs. compute-intensive applications, or batch applications vs. interactive applications. MRB  allows to characterize application workload, faultload and dataload, and it produces extensive performance and dependability statistics.

  • ACM: C.2.4 Distributed Systems, C.4 Performance of Systems

  • Keywords: Benchmark, performance, dependability, MapReduce, Hadoop, Cloud Computing

  • Software benefit: the first performance and dependability benchmark suite for MapReduce systems.

  • License: TBD

  • Type of human computer interaction: GUI and command-line interface

  • OS/Middleware: Windows, Linux, MacOS X

  • Programming language: Java, Unix Shell scripts