Project Team Sisyphe


Project Team Sisyphe


Section: Overall Objectives

Overall Objectives

SISYPHE (SIgnals and Systems in PHysiology and Engineering) is studying questions about some complex dynamical systems issued from Physiology and Engineering: modeling ; identification and observation from signals ; real-time health monitoring or control ; questions of system theory arising from the emerging domain of “quantum engineering”.

Most studies are motivated, in Physiology, by the cardiovascular and reproductive systems and in Engineering, by some critical engineering systems like electrical networks or by quantum control in some nanosystems.

The research on the reproductive system is done in the framework of REGATE (REgulation of the GonAdoTropE axis), an Inria Large-Scale Initiative Action (LSIA) coordinated by F. Clément.

Research topics:

Signals & Systems

  • Dynamical systems modeled by ordinary differential equations: modeling, observation and control.

  • Quantum & quantum-like systems: estimation and control.

  • Multiscale dynamical systems: analysis of multiscale properties of signals and relations with the underlying dynamical systems.

Applications to Physiology & Engineering

  • Model-based observation and control of the cardiovascular system: (multiscale- ) model-based signal processing (ECG, pressure, heart-rate). Monitoring and control of cardiac prosthesis.

  • Waves propagation in transmission-line networks & Inverse scattering. Application to health monitoring of cabled electrical networks and to the arterial pressure waveform analysis.

  • Health monitoring and control of energy conversion systems: glycemic control in critically ill patients ; monitoring of exhaust gas aftertreatment systems.

  • Identification and control of some quantum systems: towards “quantum engineering”.

  • Multiscale modeling of the controlled follicle selection process & Control of the reproductive axis.