Section: Overall Objectives


  • DAEYAHSP Winner of the Seventh International Planning Competition (Deterministic Temporal Satisficing track) at ICAPS 2011.

  • MoGo realized 20 wins out of 20 games in 7x7 Go against 10 different professional players. This is further documented in [24] .

  • Results in [5] (just accepted) prove that the Nash equilibrium of two-player zero-sum partially observable games is undecidable. This fundamental result notably contradicts published decidability results, which used as a decidability criterion a definition which is not equivalent to optimal play in the Nash sense.

Best Paper Award :

[19] Local-Meta-Model CMA-ES for Partially Separable Functions in Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference (GECCO 2011).

Z. Bouzarkouna, A. Auger, D. Y. Ding.