Section: Software


Participants : Michèle Sebag, Cécile Germain-Renaud [correspondent] , Julien Nauroy, Yusik Kim.

The Grid Observatory software suite collects and publishes traces of the EGI (European Grid Initiative) grid usage. With the release and extensions of its portal, the Grid Observatory has made a database of grid usage traces available to the wider computer science community. These data are stored on the grid, and made accessible through a web portal without the need of grid credentials. More than 100 users are currently registered. The GO is supported by an INRIA ADT (Action de Développement Technologique).

In 2011, the suite has been extended to energy consumption. The first barrier to improved energy efficiency of IT systems is the lack of large-scale collections of experimental data. The Green Computing Observatory (GCO), part of the GO initiative monitors a large computing center (Laboratoire de l'Accélérateur Linéaire - LAL) within the EGI grid, and publishes the data through the Grid Observatory. The GCO is supported by the CNRS PEPS program, and by University Paris-Sud through the MRM (Moyens de Recherche Mutualisés) program.

Portal site: http://www.grid-observatory.org