Major publications by the team in recent years
  • 1C. Aubrun, D. Simon, Y.-Q. Song.

    C. Aubrun, D. Simon, Y.-Q. Song (editors), Co-design Approaches for Dependable Networked Control Systems, ISTE Wiley, January 2010.

  • 2P. Caserta, O. Zendra.

    Visualization of the Static aspects of Software: a survey, in: IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics, 2011, vol. 17, no 7, p. 913-933.

  • 3L. Cucu-Grosjean, J. Goossens.

    Predictability of Fixed-Job Priority Schedulers on Heterogeneous Multiprocessor Real-Time Systems, in: Information Processing Letters, April 2010, vol. 110, no 10, p. 399-402.

  • 4B. Gaujal, N. Navet.

    Dynamic voltage scaling under EDF revisited, in: Real-Time Systems / Real Time Systems; The Journal of Real-Time Systems, 2007, vol. 37, no 1, p. 77-97. [ DOI : 10.1007/s11241-007-9029-y ]

  • 5Y. Li, C. S. Chen, Y.-Q. Song, Z. Wang, Y. Sun.

    Enhancing Real-Time Delivery in Wireless Sensor Networks With Two-Hop Information, in: IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics, May 2009, vol. 5, no 2, p. 113-122. [ DOI : 10.1109/TII.2009.2017938 ]

  • 6N. Navet, F. Simonot-Lion.

    N. Navet, F. Simonot-Lion (editors), The Automotive Embedded Systems Handbook, Industrial Information Technology Series, Taylor & Francis / CRC Press, 2008.

Publications of the year

Doctoral Dissertations and Habilitation Theses

  • 7N. Boughanmi.

    Conception conjointe des systèmes contrôlés en réseau sans fil, Institut National Polytechnique de Lorraine - INPL, April 2011.

  • 8B. Nefzi.

    Mécanismes auto-adaptatifs pour la gestion de la Qualité de Service dans les réseaux de capteurs sans fil, Institut National Polytechnique de Lorraine - INPL, September 2011.

  • 9S. Nourizadeh.

    Un système de télésanté contextuel avec support de qualité de service pour le maintien à domicile, Institut National Polytechnique de Lorraine - INPL, July 2011.


Articles in International Peer-Reviewed Journal

  • 10P. Caserta, O. Zendra.

    Visualization of the Static aspects of Software: a survey, in: IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics, July 2011, vol. 17, no 7, p. 913-933. [ DOI : 10.1109/TVCG.2010.110 ]

  • 11F. J. Cazorla, E. Quinones, T. Vardanega, L. Cucu-Grosjean, B. Triquet, G. Bernat, E. Berger, J. Abella, F. Wartel, M. Houston, L. Santinelli, L. Kosmidis, C. Lo, D. Maxim.

    PROARTIS: Probabilistically Analyzable Real-Time System", in: ACM Transactions in Embedded Computing Systems, 2012.

  • 12L. Cucu-Grosjean, J. Goossens.

    Exact Schedulability Tests for Real-Time Scheduling of Periodic Tasks on Unrelated Multiprocessor Platforms", in: Journal of Systems Architecture, March 2011, vol. 57, no 5, p. 561-569. [ DOI : 10.1016/j.sysarc.2011.02.007 ]

  • 13L. Idoumghar, M. Melkemi, R. Schott, M. Idrissi Aouad.

    Hybrid PSO-SA Type Algorithms for Multimodal Function Optimization and Reducing Energy Consumption in Embedded Systems, in: Applied Computational Intelligence and Soft Computing, June 2011, vol. 2011, Article ID 138078 p. [ DOI : 10.1155/2011/138078 ]

  • 14A. Monot, N. Navet, B. Bavoux, F. Simonot-Lion.

    Multi-source software on multicore automotive ECUs - Combining runnable sequencing with task scheduling, in: IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics, 2012.

  • 15B. Nefzi, Y.-Q. Song.

    QoS for wireless sensor networks: Enabling service differentiation at the MAC sub-layer using CoSenS, in: Ad Hoc Networks, June 2011.

  • 16L. Santinelli, L. Cucu-Grosjean.

    Towards Probabilistic Real-Time Calculus, in: ACM SIGBED Review, March 2011, vol. 8, no 1, p. 54-61. [ DOI : 10.1145/1967021.1967028 ]

  • 17R. Schott, G. S. Staples.

    Nilpotent adjacency matrices and random graphs, in: Ars Combinatoria, 2011, no 98, p. 225-239.

  • 18L. Yue, T. Nolte, I. Bate, L. Cucu-Grosjean.

    A New Way about using Statistical Analysis of Worst-Case Execution Times, in: ACM SIGBED Review, September 2011, vol. 8, no 3, p. 11-14. [ DOI : 10.1145/2038617.2038619 ]


International Conferences with Proceedings

  • 19B. Alahmad, S. Gopalakrishnan, L. Santinelli, L. Cucu-Grosjean.

    Probabilities for Mixed-Criticality Problems: Bridging the Uncertainty Gap, in: The Work in Progress session of the 32nd IEEE Real-time Systems Symposium - RTSS 2011, Wien, Austria, December 2011.

  • 20J. Ben Sliman, Y.-Q. Song, A. Koubâa, M. Frikha.

    Joint duty cycle Scheduling, resource Allocation and multi-constrained QoS Routing algorithm, in: Ad-hoc, Mobile, and Wireless Networks - 10th International Conference, ADHOC-NOW 2011, Paderborn, Germany, H. Frey, X. Li, S. Rührup (editors), Lecture Notes in Computer Science, July 2011, vol. 6811/2011, p. 29-43. [ DOI : 10.1007/978-3-642-22450-8_3 ]

  • 21J. Ben Sliman, Y.-Q. Song, A. Koubâa, M. Frikha, H. Cruz Sanchez.

    Pmcmtp's Implementation (in nesC/TinyOS2.x) and Testbed for Its Operation Validation, in: NTMS WSN'2011, Paris, France, February 2011. [ DOI : 10.1109/NTMS.2011.5720636 ]

  • 22M. Boyer, J. Migge, N. Navet.

    A simple and efficient class of functions to model arrival curve of packetised flows, in: First International Workshop on Worst-case Traversal Time (WCTT 2011), Vienna, Austria, November 2011.

  • 23P. Caserta, O. Zendra, D. Bodénès.

    3D Hierarchical Edge Bundles to Visualize Relations in a Software City Metaphor, in: 6th IEEE International Workshop on Visualizing Software for Understanding and Analysis (VISSOFT 2011), Williamsburg, United States, September 2011.

  • 24P. Caserta, O. Zendra.

    A Tracing Technique using Dynamic Bytecode Instrumentation of Java Applications and Libraries at Basic Block Level, in: 6th workshop on Implementation, Compilation, Optimization of Object-Oriented Languages, Programs and Systems 2011 (ICOOOLPS 2011), Lancaster, United Kingdom, Ian Rogers, July 2011.

  • 25H. Cruz Sanchez, S. Nourizadeh, Y.-Q. Song.

    MPIGate : Multi Protocol Interface and Gateway, in: MEDETEL, LUXEMBOURG, Luxembourg, International Society for Telemedicine & eHealth (ISfTeH), April 2011.

  • 26D. Khan, R. Davis, N. Navet.

    Schedulability Analysis of CAN with Non-abortable Transmission Requests, in: 16th IEEE ETFA 2011, Toulouse, France, IEEE, September 2011.

  • 27D. Maxim, O. Buffet, L. Santinelli, L. Cucu-Grosjean, R. Davis.

    On the Optimality of Priority Assignment for Probabilistic Real-Time Systems, in: 19th International Conference on Real-Time and Network Systems - RTNS 2011, Nantes, France, September 2011.

  • 28C. Maxim, L. Cucu-Grosjean, O. Zendra.

    Towards reducing preemptions to save energy, in: the 5th Junior Researcher Workshop on Real-Time Computing (JRWRTC 2011), Nantes, France, September 2011.

  • 29A. Monot, N. Navet, B. Bavoux.

    Impact of clock drifts on CAN frame response time distributions, in: 16th IEEE International Conference on Emerging Technologies and Factory Automation - ETFA 2011, Toulouse, France, IEEE, September 2011.

  • 30S. Nourizadeh, Y.-Q. Song, J.-P. Thomesse.

    CodaQ: A Context-Aware and Adaptive QoS-Aware Middleware for Activity Monitoring, in: 9th International Conference on Smart Homes and Health Telematics - ICOST2011, Montreal, Canada, B. Abdulrazak, S. Giroux, B. Bouchard, H. Pigot, M. Mokhtari (editors), Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Springer, June 2011, vol. 6719, p. 96-103. [ DOI : 10.1007/978-3-642-21535-3_13 ]

  • 31L. Santinelli, P. Meumeu Yomsi, D. Maxim, L. Cucu-Grosjean.

    A Component-Based Framework for Modeling and Analyzing Probabilistic Real-Time Systems, in: 16th IEEE International Conference on Emerging Technologies and Factory Automation - ETFA 2011, Toulouse, France, September 2011, p. 1-8.


National Conferences with Proceeding

  • 32O. Buffet, L. Cucu-Grosjean.

    Recherche systématique pour l'ordonnancement temps réel global multiprocesseur, in: 12e congrès annuel de la Société française de Recherche Opérationnelle et d'Aide à la Décision, Saint Etienne, France, 2011.

  • 33L. Cucu-Grosjean, Y. Sorel.

    A schedulability test for real-time dependant periodic task systems with latency constraints, in: 12e congrès annuel de la Société française de Recherche Opérationnelle et d'Aide à la Décision, Saint Etienne, France, March 2011.


Conferences without Proceedings

  • 34L. Cucu-Grosjean.

    Probabilistic analysis of periodic real-time tasks with random execution times on identical processors, in: 10th Workshop on Models and Algorithms for Planning and Scheduling Problems, Prague, Czech Republic, June 2011.

  • 35L. Santinelli, L. Cucu-Grosjean, L. George.

    Probabilistic Sensitivity Analysis, in: the 2nd International Real-Time Scheduling Open Problems Seminar (RTSOPS 2011), Porto, Portugal, July 2011.

  • 36Y.-Q. Song.

    Network interoperability and QoS for smart homes, in: International Workshop on Health & Well Being in conjunction with ICVS 2011, Sophia Antipolis, France, INRIA, September 2011.

  • 37L. Yue, I. Bate, T. Nolte, L. Cucu-Grosjean.

    Trace-Based Statistical Response-Time Analysis of Complex Real-Time Embedded Systems, in: Work in Progress of the 6th IEEE Symposium on Industrial Embedded Systems (SIES 2011), Vasteras, Sweden, 2011.


Internal Reports

Scientific Popularization

  • 45H. Cruz Sanchez, Y.-Q. Song.

    MPIGate: Passerelle multiprotocolaire pour le maintien à domicile, INRIA, October 2011, rencontres INRIA-Industrie.


Other Publications

  • 46P. Caserta, O. Zendra, D. Bodénès.

    Analysis and Advanced Visualization of Software, July 2011, ECOOP 2011 Best Poster Award.

  • 47D. Chillet, E. Senn, C. Belleudy, R. Ben Atitallah, O. Zendra, A. Fritsch.

    Open power and energy optimization platform and estimator (open-people), September 2011, Special Session Open-People, PATMOS 2011.

  • 48R. Schott, G. S. Staples.

    On the Role of Blade Factorization in Constructing Clifford Appell Systems, December 2011, Prépublication de l'IECN.

  • 49R. Schott, G. S. Staples.

    Operator calculus and invertible Clifford Appell systems: theory and application to the n-particle fermion algebra, 2011, 25 pages.

  • 50R. Schott, G. S. Staples.

    Operator calculus in generalized zeon algebras: theory and application to multi-constrained path problems, 2011.

  • 51E. Senn, D. Chillet, S. Niar, C. Belleudy, O. Zendra, V. Tissier, C. Samoyeau.

    Open Power and Energy Optimization Platform and Estimator (Open-People) ANR Project, October 2011, University Booth Same.

  • 52E. Senn, J. Guillot, D. Chillet, C. Belleudy, S. Niar, O. Zendra, C. Samoyeau.

    Open Power and Energy Optimization Platform and Estimator (Open-People) ANR Project, May 2011, University Booth Date.