Section: Software

SUBANA: SUrface-BAsed Neuronavigation on Atlas for TMS

Participant : Sylvain Prima.

In collaboration with Charles Garraud (http://www.syneika.com , Benoit Combes and Pierre Hellier (http://serpico.rennes.inria.fr ), we developed a software for i) the automated surface reconstruction of the face and skull cap from sparsely acquired points and ii) the automated nonlinear registration of free-form surfaces. The latter step is implemented using the CLARCS library (http://clarcs.inria.fr ). The primary goal of this software is the surface-based neuronavigation for transcranial magnetic stimulation. The method was presented at the MeshMed MICCAI workshop (http://www2.imm.dtu.dk/projects/MeshMed/2011/index.html[30] .

  • APP: IDDN.FR.001.440010.000.S.P.2010.000.31230

  • Patent: was granted, but the reference number is unknown

  • Programming language: C++