Section: Software


Participants : Guillaume Renard, Alexandre Abadie, Bernard Gibaud, Christian Barillot.

Shanoir (Sharing NeurOImaging Resources) is an open source neuroinformatics platform designed to share, archive, search and visualize neuroimaging data. It provides a user-friendly secure web access and offers an intuitive workflow to facilitate the collecting and retrieving of neuroimaging data from multiple sources and a wizzard to make the completion of metadata easy. Shanoir comes along many features such as anonymization of data, support for multi-centres clinical studies on subjects or group of subjects.

Shanoir APP registration number is : IDDN.FR.001.520021.000.S.P.2008.000.31230

See also the web page http://www.shanoir.org

  • Keywords: neuroimaging, ontology, sharing neuroimage

  • Software benefit: full featured neuroimaging management system with additionnal web services

  • APP: IDDN.FR.001.200014.S.P.2000.000.21000

  • License: Licence QPL

  • Type of human computer interaction: Online web application, web service (SOAP messages based)

  • OS/Middelware: Windows, Mac et Linux.

  • Required library or software : Java 1.6, JBoss server, JBoss Seam, JSF, JPA Hibernate, EJB, Richfaces, Faceless, Ajax4JSF, Dcmtk, Dcm4chee.

  • Programming language: Java

  • Documentation : see the website