Section: Software


Participants : Alexandre Abadie, Clément Philipot, Olivier Commowick.

Medinria is a national INRIA project shared between 4 INRIA teams (Asclepios, Athena, Parietal and Visages). It aims at creating an easily extensible platform for the distribution of research algorithms developed at INRIA for medical image processing. This project has been funded by the D2T (ADT MedINRIA-NT) for two years, starting from late 2010. Th Visages team participates in the development of the common core architecture and features of the software as well as in the development of specific plugins for the team's algorithm. Medinria is currently being packaged for the main distribution platforms and will be released in the first two weeks of January 2012.

See also the web page http://med.inria.fr

  • Keywords: medical imaging, diffusion imaging, registration, filtering, user-friendly interface

  • Software benefit: user-friendly interface to cutting-edge research tools for research clinicians. Straightforward to add functionalities through plugins.

  • License: core: BSD, plugins: choice of each team.

  • Type of human computer interaction: Qt-based GUI

  • OS/Middelware: Windows, Mac et Linux.

  • Required library or software : Qt, DTK, ITK, VTK.

  • Programming language: C++