Section: Software


Participant : Camille Maumet.

autoMRI is an SPM-based set of tools to study structural and functional MRI data. This software is currently made up of three modules : autofMRI, autoVBM and autoROI. autofMRI produces statistical maps of activations and deactivations at the group or the subject level based on functional MRI data. It can deal with block or event-related designs and is highly configurable in order to fit to a wide range of needs. autoVBM performs between-group voxel-based morphometric analysis in order to outline regions of grey (or white) matter volume reduction and increase. To further study a morphometric or a functional analysis, regions of interest analysis can be performed with autoROI. This module also provides the user with laterality indexes.

  • Keywords : fMRI, MRI, SPM, automation

  • Software benefit: Automatic MRI data analysis based on SPM. Once the parameters are set, the analysis can be run without human interaction.

  • APP: Coming soon

  • License: Ceccil

  • Type of human computer interaction: Matlab function (script, no GUI)

  • OS/Middleware: Linux/Windows

  • Required library or software : Matlab, SPM, SPM toolboxes : Marsbar, LI-toolbox, NS

  • Programming language: Matlab

  • Documentation : Available