Section: Software

SON (Shared-data Overlay Network)

Participants : Ayoub Ait Lahcen, Fady Draidi, Esther Pacitti, Didier Parigot [contact] , Patrick Valduriez, Guillaume Verger.

URL: http://www-sop.inria.fr/teams/zenith/SON

SON is an open source development platform for P2P networks using web services, JXTA and OSGi. SON combines three powerful paradigms: components, SOA and P2P. Components communicate by asynchronous message passing to provide weak coupling between system entities. To scale up and ease deployment, we rely on a decentralized organization based on a DHT for publishing and discovering services or data. In terms of communication, the infrastructure is based on JXTA virtual communication pipes, a technology that has been extensively used within the Grid community. Using SON, the development of a P2P application is done through the design and implementation of a set of components. Each component includes a technical code that provides the component services and a code component that provides the component logic (in Java). The complex aspects of asynchronous distributed programming (technical code) are separated from code components and automatically generated from an abstract description of services (provided or required) for each component by the component generator.